Investment Strategy

Impulse Plan has employed the services of an investment manager known as Cape Berkshire Asset Management or CBAM. CBAM are directly responsible for the active management of the portfolios where your ISA, pension, personal portfolio etc will be invested. CBAM will also be responsible for the daily administration, managing the risk and overall running of your portfolios.

Cape Berkshire Asset Management

CBAM was formed in 2018 with the aim of providing a proactive approach to investment management and to support financial planners in their relationship with clients as best they can. CBAM offer 5 risk weighted portfolios ranging from low risk to aggressive to cater for all clients and their attitude to risk (see below). The discretionary nature of these portfolios allows the investment managers to take swift action on any market changes which is advantageous in an always changing market environment. As a result, this allows alpha to be generated using strategic and tactical asset allocation. The advancements in technology, especially via investment platforms, allow these discretionary portfolios to be well managed and without the high charges and costs involved with investment “boutiques” and discretionary fund managers. Furthermore, the investment mangers behind CBAM have a well rounded skill set and bring in excess of 10 years experience to the management of these portfolios. Click the image below for more information:

The 5 risk weighted portfolio definitions are below. In order to guide the decision on which portfolio will suit you best, we will run through a risk tolerance exercise. As a client it may be beneficial to use different portfolios depending on your goals and when you require access to your funds. For instance, we could place your pension into a higher risk portfolio if you only plan on retiring in 15 plus years as opposed to an ISA where we would place in a lower risk portfolio if you need easy access in the near short term.

CBAM I - Defensive

This portfolio is our lowest risk portfolio and would be ideal for those who are very concerned with risk and potential losses. Another scenario where this portfolio would be recommended is for clients who are only looking at investing in the short term or whose focus is on capital preservation rather than growth. This portfolio is generally made up of UK and global fixed interest, money market and UK gilts. This portfolio does have an element of equities (roughly 20%) to ensure there is a prospect of growth in the portfolio.

CBAM II – Cautious

This portfolio is our low – medium risk portfolio and would be ideal for investors who are still mostly concerned with capital preservation but are open to the idea of receiving a greater return than a defensive investor. There is still a much greater preference and awareness of taking less risk however. This portfolio follows CBAM I in that the asset allocation is mainly made up of global and UK fixed interest and money market. There is a greater equity element (roughly 35%) to increase the return potential.

CBAM III – Balanced

This portfolio is our middle ground or medium risk portfolio which would be attractive to investors looking for an equal preference in the amount of risk they take with the potential of capital growth. The asset allocation reflects this by having roughly 50% invested in equities while the remaining 50% is invested in the less risky assets as mentioned above such as UK and global fixed interest.

CBAM IV – Capital Growth

This portfolio is catered for investors who are on the riskier side of the spectrum in that they are looking to achieve higher returns on their investment. These investors are therefore less worried about the chance of loss as the potential reward may outweigh the risk. The asset allocation therefore takes on a much higher equity allocation (roughly 65-70%) to achieve this while the difference is made up of the less risky asset classes to ensure diversification.

CBAM V – Aggressive

CBAM V is the highest risk portfolio that is on offer. These portfolios are ideal for clients looking to maximise the return on their investments and fully accept the increased risk of loss. These portfolios are also tailored for the very long term investor where any volatility can be made up over the long term. The asset allocation has a dominance of roughly 85% in equities with the difference made up by less risky asset classes such as the money market.

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