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About Impulse Plan

What Drives Us

A simpler, smarter way of investing for everyone.

You will experience advanced diversification through the utilisation of our in house discretionary fund management service. We offer a method of investing to our chosen platform with 5 risk weighted portfolios managed by Cape Berkshire Asset Management or CBAM. To find out more about CBAM read more in our Technology section below.

Start investing by transferring any legacy or existing pension, ISA or GIA or open up a new investment with spare cash and we will adapt our service to suit you. We are authorised to provide financial advice, so you can be sure you are talking to a qualified individual. We can and will provide advice when you need it in a way that is cost-effective. Our costs are amongst the lowest in the market, yet we provide technology that is unparalleled by no other in the financial advisory market.

Charges (BELOW) have a huge impact on the long term growth of your portfolios so we have created our model to halt unnecessary adviser charges when in reality you do not need them. Of course we will provide top quality advice should you require it, in some cases our knowledge will fast track you to a brighter financial future.

Bridging the Gaps

The UK population is experiencing a savings gap; we are closing this by working on the following factors:

Technology – access to advanced financial platforms does not always have to come with an expensive price tag/ high cost. We are providing this in as many formats as we can. You will have the availability to download an app on your mobile devices which allows you to get easy access to make investments and also manage your investment portfolio.

Access – information is easily and readily available through our investment/client portal.

Simplicity – streamlined procedures and processes to open, top-up and withdraw from accounts make investing seamless on our platform.

Aligning our vision – Our platform of choice and technology provider, True Potential, has a vision to foster a nation of educated savers who set clear targets for their future and use technology to reach their goals.


Stay Connected

At Impulse we are providing you with a simpler and more efficient way to manage your finances online while having the expertise of a financial adviser to assist you. The use of our client site provides a centralised and easy accessible platform ensuring your investable assets are located in one place and which can be accessed 24/7 via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. In addition to the ongoing adviser relationship, your assets are invested into actively managed portfolios which have a significant advantage in the markets. These professionally managed services come at an inexpensive cost which therefore makes our offering very affordable to you.

Key Functionality

ImpulsePlan Client Site Investment Portal is powered by True Potential. We have chosen True Potential after extensive research into user experience and platform capabilities, and it is from this partnership that we are able to provide cutting-edge investment technology that offers us unique functionality from the rest of the market.

ImpulseSave – top-up your investments on the go with a push of a button. Schedule these or just simply swap your morning coffee for a contribution to your plan.
Budgeting – manage your day to day spending within your client site and categorise your spending. Take control of your habits (both good and bad)
Performance monitoring – 24/7 access to your accounts and real time valuations.
Goal Setting – plan for both your long-term and short-term goals in manageable and attainable targets.
Portfolio allocations – switch your target allocation easily you choose a level of risk you are willing to take with each plan, and change this when you feel
Risk Profiling – take your own questionnaire which is specifically targeted at providing a relevant risk profile for you, if your situation changes you can simply adapt your answer and find out which profile you fit into. The platform automatically promotes the most applicable portfolio for you.
Instant chat – message and chat to our advisers through the app and website
using secure encrypted services 
Document storage – use your client area to securely store your important documents. Your adviser will upload essential documents for you to view and you can choose if you would like the adviser to be able to view your personal uploads.      


At ImpulsePlan we want everyone to have access to: an advanced investment platform, the best minds in asset management and financial advice. Our charges are based on the amount you invest and we have no minimum charge. Your platform charge opens the door to a full financial planning software, this covers everything from automatically collecting your spending habits and allowing you to budget effectively to goal setting wizards to help you plan your future. The fund charge is comparable to an individual managed fund, however with us you will be invested in a discretionary managed portfolio.
* Please Note: The following figures represent average charges and may differ according to individual circumstance

Platform Charge


Average Portfolio and DFM Cost

0.6%- 0.85%

Adviser Charge


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